The Jobs

1 year.  5 continents.  52 Food Jobs.

Click the links below to read more about each experience…

  1. Brewing – Thornbridge Brewery – Derbyshire, UK.
  2. Fish and Chips – Atlantis Fish and Chips – Leeds, UK.
  3. Baking – Hobbs House Bakery – Chipping Sodbury, UK.
  4. Butchery – Hobbs House Butchery – Chipping Sodbury, UK.
  5. Patisserie – Hobbs House Cafe – Chipping Sodbury, UK.
  6. New Nordic Cuisine – Dill Restaurant – Reykjavik, Iceland.
  7. Hot Dogs – Bark Dogs – Brooklyn, New York, USA.
  8. Candy – Liddabit Sweets, Brooklyn, New York, USA.
  9. Jewish Deli – Mile End – Brooklyn, New York, USA.
  10. Pickling – Rick’s Picks, Manhattan, New York, USA.
  11. Kitchen Incubator Charity, La Cocina, San Francisco, USA.
  12. Street Food, Bini’s Kitchen, Off the Grid, San Francisco, USA.
  13. Farming with Milo Mitchel, Sebastopol, USA.
  14. Farm to Table, Zazu Restaurant , Sebastopol, USA.
  15. Vegan Restaurant, Cafe Gratitude, Los Angeles, USA.
  16. Mexican Bread, Virtuous Breads, Mexico City, Mexico.
  17. Mexican Fine Dining, Pujol Restaurant, Mexico City, Mexico.
  18. Tequila Distilling, Partida Tequila Distillery, Tequila, Mexico.
  19. Peruvian Fine Dining, Central Restaurant, Lima, Peru.
  20. Train Chef on the Orient Express to Machu Picchu, Peru.
  21. French Fine Dining, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
  22. Restaurateur, with Thomas Troisgros, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
  23. Brazilian Haute Cuisine, Epice, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
  24. Coffee Farming, Daterra Coffe, Minas Gerais, Brazil.
  25. Argentina Native Meat Specialist, El Baqueano, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  26. Argentine Fine Dining, Chila, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  27. Pub Grub, Four in Hand, Sydney, Australia.
  28. Australian Fine Dining, Quay, Sydney, Australia.
  29. Barista, Market Lane Coffee, Melbourne, Australia.
  30. Food Stylist, Caroline Velik, Melbourne, Australia.
  31. Zero Waste Cafe, Silo, Melbourne, Australia.
  32. Soup Kitchen, Big Umbrella, Melbourne, Australia.
  33. Tour Chef, Lad Tour, across New Zealand.
  34. Sake Brewery, Lady of the Castle Brewery, Iwamura, Japan.
  35. Miso Factory, Akechi, Japan.
  36. Five Star Hotel, Kerry Hotel, Beijing, China.
  37. Hunan Food, Kariaya Spice House, Beijing, China.
  38. Peking Duck Chef, Horizon Restaurant, Beijing, China.
  39. Vietnamese Cuisine, May Restaurant, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
  40. Cambodian Kitchen Charity, Jan Baai, Battambang, Cambodia.
  41. Cambodian Fine Dining, Cuisine Wat Damnak, Siem Reap, Cambodia.
  42. Modern Thai Cuisine, Issaya Restaurant, Bangkok, Thailand.
  43. Traditional Thai Cuisine at Asia’s Best Restaurant, Nahm, Bangkok Thailand.
  44. Cocktail & Bar tending, Belmond Resort, Koh Samui, Thailand.
  45. Tea Picking, Happy Valley Estate, Darjeeling, India.
  46. Sikh Langar, Gurdwara Bangla Sahib, New Delhi, India.
  47. Indian Fine Dining, Indian Accent, New Delhi, India.
  48. Italian Trattoria, Various Locations, Palermo, Sicily.
  49. Cheese Making, Il Cacio Siciliano, Palermo Sicily.
  50. Bistronomy, Le Chateaubriand, Paris, France.
  51. New Nordic Cuisine, Relae, Copenhagen, Denmark.
  52. Farming my ancestor’s land, West Ukraine.


8 thoughts on “The Jobs

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    • Hey Alain, I would love to but sadly I have moved on now! I have been so busy I’ve fallen behind a little on posting. Would certainly love to drop by if I make it back that way.

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  3. Such a great idea! Very inspiring! I’ve just read your story on a local newspaper and there’s only one thing I disagree about all this thing: with all my respect, if I were your girlfriend I would not allow you to go…alone! Looool! I wouldn’t miss this trip for nothing!!!! This is simply a brilliant, awesome trip idea!!! I plan to travel the world in about 3 years time but as I’m a journalist my plan must be something related with my career. Anyway, Wonder why you missed Chile. It’s an awesome country with awesome food with unfortunatelly a low external touristical publicity. Anyway, hope you have an excelent time in the rest of your trip! I admire people like you a lot!!!!. Greetings from the south of the world!

    • Yes she was not best pleased about staying behind. I did venture to Chile, albeit briefly. Unfortunately I was due to work somewhere but was let down last minute – hence why I didn’t write about working there. A fantastic country though and it was a pleasure to visit Santiago and I especially enjoyed Valparaiso. Hope you follow your dream too – I am so glad I took this decision.

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