A Postcard from Palermo

If you were in Sicily recently you may have caught a glimpse of a certain individual holding on for dear life, as one of the locals, Michaela, darted in and around the local traffic, stopping to proudly show off the produce of his land. I’m pretty sure we broke the record for the world’s fastest cheese as I balanced a two kilo bag of ricotta in my lap as his bike sped across the Sicilian hills at 135 kmph. Thankfully, I lived to tell the tale and share with you some pics of the finest produce I’ve encountered on this trip. Who wouldn’t get excited about the below… especially the sea urchins! Deliziosissimo!


Palermo Foodish Boy-41

Palermo Foodish Boy-7

Palermo Foodish Boy-17Palermo Foodish Boy-4Palermo Foodish Boy-16

Palermo Foodish Boy-27 Palermo Foodish Boy-28 Palermo Foodish Boy-29