The (Real) Adventure Begins

The moment had finally arrived. The moment to say my goodbyes, pack my bags and step on a plane for 11 months around the globe. Following one hell of a send-off, which even featured my 9 year old cousin standing on the table and downing a glass of coke, it was an early start and short drive to Gatwick for me. At departures came the final¬†farewell¬†to my girl Phili. Less than a little sleep, a hangover from hell and emotional goodbyes are not a good combination. I’m not sure how many times security have carried out a routine body check on a 25 year old man crying like a baby. Advance warning: never try and hug them while they’re searching you – they really don’t like it.

Foodish Boy Departs

Leaving on a jet plane…

First stop: Iceland. Upon arrival in¬†Reykjavik I was in a slightly sombre mood with 2 days to kill before I started job 6 at Dill Restaurant.¬†Not one to pass on¬†opportunities I sent a quick message round some¬†Couchsurfing¬†forums and a few hours later I was with new friends planning a¬†road trip¬†along the South coast.¬†¬†Iceland is an incredibly stunning country with a breathtaking richness of natural landscapes that change dramatically at every turn (as did the weather for that matter). One minute I was looking at a beach, the next an iceberg lagoon.¬†Here’s a few pictures from our journey…

Arriving in Reykjavik Foodish Driving Tour Iceland Waterfall Iceland Icelandic Waterfalls


Above the clouds is Eyjafjallaj√∂kull. The volcano that “chundered everywhere” in 2010. It also chundered on the hot springs we were supposed to swim in.

Mountains and Beaches Iceland Black Beach Beach Spanning Miles By the Sea in Iceland

Iceland Glacier

Bleedin’ freezing

Icelandic Glacier

One of many glaciers

Iceberg Lagoon Iceland

Didier – my French Couchsurfing buddy.

Iceberg Lagoon

Iceland Ice

Iceland by name. Iceland by nature. Great source of ice for some G&Ts at the end of a long day.

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